About us

ForwardPlus Limited is a live & vibrant enterprise that aims to help the wider world an easier access to the expertise in the United Kingdom and the EU. Our Head Office based in Manchester.

We pride ourselves in providing the best solution to our clients keeping in mind the most critical aspect of each requirement and the solutions provided are evaluated and the most appropriate solution is provided.

As some clients may prefer the most cost effective solution, others might prefer the quickest while some of them may go for the greenest option. Whatever the requirement, we always will have the perfect solution to your sourcing needs.

We have an extensive tie up with the best industries in the UK and the EU and offer our clients access to an unlimited array of industrial, engineering and technological products, solutions and expertise available in the European sector.

Since our humble beginning, we have experienced a great transformation in our business profile over a relatively short period.

Our best critics are our own clients and it’s nurturing the relation with each of our clients with commitment and dedication that has helped us grow at this fast pace. We have grown from a two man operation into a major player by being conscious of the ever changing industrial supply market and staying ahead in the game.

Why Us

1. Clients come first: For the best customer-client experience and matching up with your expectations.

2. Market awareness: It might be difficult for you as a client to keep on top of what is happening in all the various product markets. So the ideal solution is to partner with the best people in the market for the products that you can trust and this is where we help you overcome your hurdles.

3. Product Expertise and requirement Matching: With an access to a wide range of products and accessories we will be able to help you procure the best deal for you with you having to go through any hassles.

4. Transparency: As our clients, you will be kept informed of every development in the procurement process.

5. On time and in budget: We only promise what we can deliver!

If these are the qualities and traits that you are looking for in a sourcing partner, then please do not hesitate in getting in touch with us. Please click here for the Contact options.